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LoopLearn automates student attendance management using computer vision technology.

We have solutions that cater for all styles of classrooms, sports events, excursions, music lessons, flexible timetables, sign in and out, and all other school activities.



Automated Attendance Keeping Solutions For Every Scenario


No student action - they can ignore LoopLearn and get on with the task at hand •

Teachers don't manually take the roll -  giving more time to focus on student needs •

• Accurate, frequently updated roll - helps all staff provide the best care for all students •

The ultimate automated roll marking solution. Installed on the wall of all styles of classrooms, these small devices identify who is present in a room over a period of time set by the school. Everyone can ignore the sensors, meaning no disruption to teaching and learning time. Students are automatically identified and have their time and location updated in the school's pre-existing attendance management system, removing this admin burden from teachers.

One sensor easily supports standard classroom sizes, and multiple sensors can be installed to cover larger spaces such as libraries. If LoopLearn is not confident about correctly identifying a student, it prompts a designated school staff member to confirm, eliminating mistakes in attendance records.

Visitors on campus that are identified by the sensors can be marked as legitimate by school administration (or done automatically when signing in via the LoopLearn Kiosk). If strangers are identified an alert can be sent directly to school staff to investigate.

Have a flexible learning model at your school? LoopLearn automatically marks the roll even if students from the same class are in multiple learning spaces, solving this essential care challenge for teachers.


Student and Visitor Sign In - streamlining functionality all in one device •

Configurable display - To show notices, information and branding •

List Collection - Seamless automatic identification, ideal for assembly and music building •

A Free standing, beautiful touch screen panel, the LoopLearn Kiosk is designed for versatile use around your school. High speed facial recognition identification streamlines the sign in and out process for students and visitors, allowing them to input late reasons or visitor info via the touch screen display. No more student sign in queues when the school bus is late!

The "take attendance" setting turns the Kiosk into a real time sign in book, capable of identifying multiple students at once as they walk past so not to disturb the flow of traffic. For the first time, your school can easily record student attendance at assemblies!

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LoopLearn provides you with purpose built hardware that is ready to use out of the box.

With free standing and wall mounted solutions, supporting PoE and WiFi options, there is a LoopLearn product to automate roll marking in all learning spaces in your school.


LoopLearn was designed with privacy at its core.

Data is always in a storage environment owned and controlled by the school, meeting the highest global standards of storage security. All data is encrypted, images pass through the schools IRAP certified storage before being permanently deleted.

Only designated school staff have access to the LoopLearn software, with student attendance data integrating to the schools Student Management System for pre-existing reporting and operational processes.


All LoopLearn customers receive dedicated support from our passionate team. 

We know that accurate attendance management is important to ensure students are safe, and we take supporting schools seriously so they can provide the best care to every student.


We provide you with all you need to automate your roll marking:

  • Communication and information templates for you to share with your school community

  • LoopLearn web application management console

  • Integration with schools pre-existing student information system.