Service Description

Version 1.02 - March 2019

1. Introduction

This document sets out Service Description of the LoopLearn App and Services.

1.1 Terms used in this Service Description have the same meaning as in the LoopLearn

Service Terms.

2. Service Description

The LoopLearn service consists of the following:

  • The LoopLearn Attendance Devices

  • The LoopLearn App (an online web application and various mobile apps for phones

and tablets)

LoopLearn Attendance Devices are physical devices ordered from LoopLearn and supplied to the customer. They are required to be installed in the areas you wish to monitor student attendance (such as classrooms). They may take the form of a classroom sensor or a kiosk device, other forms may be provided in the future.

When correctly installed the LoopLearn Attendance Devices will observe the space they are located, within the specifications for such device, and send images to your AWS S3 bucket when people are found to be present. This bucket will be setup by you when LoopLearn is first installed.

Images can only reside in your S3 bucket, the LoopLearn App is given access to these images for the purposes of:

  • Displaying images in the web application

  • Performing identification services

Images are owned by you, and you can revoke permissions the LoopLearn App uses to retrieve images at any time, in doing so you will disable the LoopLearn Service.

The LoopLearn App allows you to see data collected by the LoopLearn Attendance Devices.

You will be required to setup such data as is needed for the LoopLearn App to function. These currently include your period times, room names, names of staff/visitors/students along with relevant identification photo’s (such as a school photo) where LoopLearn devices are desired to be used.

You will be provided with a single administrator login, you may create other users if required at your discretion. Please note that roll data contains personal information such as names and photos, so care should be taken with access details and who is given access.


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