Automated Attendance & Visitor Management

LoopLearn’s technology is Australian made and globally patented. It provides unique person identification and access management solutions, with the most advanced data privacy processes built in.

The LoopLearn system consists of its own hardware and software, providing an integrated and secure technology ecosystem that doesn’t require any additional infrastructure.

LoopLearn’s proprietary technology accurately identifies people in real-time through face and gait recognition. It’s infrared and heat sensing features provide an unobtrusive temperature reading of people, and it is contactless, which helps to reduce the spread of germs.



Aallows an organisations members, staff and visitors to quickly and easily sign themselves in and out, via a simple all-in-one solution.

Simple Sign In / Clock On

For employees, contractors, students, residents or other members

Easily handles all range of requirements for different types of community members.

Embedded body temperature reading

Built in to the sign in process

Be confident that every person on site is healthy and safe to be there.

Hands Free Sign In

with LoopLearns secure Face ID

Making a fast, hygienic and easy to use experience for everyone

Customisable display

Guaranteed Excellence

Show any information, images or messages you choose

Name Badge Printing

Only the Best

To show that all visitors have signed in correctly

Smart requirements check

How We Operate

Prevent a sign in if the person is not authorised to be onsite, such as contractors who haven't completed inductions.

Automated email notifications

Easily set automated emails to be sent to the person signing in, their host, or other staff

To help you easily manage procedures such as providing emergency evacuation information to a visitor, or an alert to staff if a person has a high temperature reading.


LoopLearn Web Console

Simple to use software to manage and view your sign in logs.


At a glance info of who is on the premises

Digital Sign In Books

Real-time access to records of all people to sign in and out throughout a day

Contractor Compliance Manager

Store documents, checklist and other requirements

Organise Relationships

Between members, visitors and staff, to enable smart community management and processes

Emergency Evacuation Reports

Generate a real time, accurate report of every person on campus



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Automatically logs attendance and presence of people on private premises.

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