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Introducing LoopLearn

“At LoopLearn, we are driven by the goal of creating safe learning environments for students while decreasing the administration burden on teachers and other school staff”, said Zoe Milne, Co-founder and Director of LoopLearn.

LoopLearn, an early stage Melbourne-based start-up, automates the existing roll marking process using machine vision technology. Small, unobtrusive sensors are easily installed in learning spaces and identify which students are present.

“We are currently operating a limited trial with select schools to test both the technology and its use in specific educational settings”.

A key factor in the trials is a stakeholder engagement process to explain the technology and to educate parents, students and school staff about the LoopLearn system.

Given some media commentary this week, it is important to clarify that the technology will not be rolled out in schools without support of the school community. Further, the technology does not spy on students nor does it enable anyone to share images of students. LoopLearn does not save the actual faces detected and images are deleted upon identification. It simply automates the roll call.

“Government guidelines recommend taking the roll every lesson for secondary schools, which many schools do, LoopLearn exists only to record this same information. There is no intent to use the technology other than to assist in this important aspect of a schools duty of care”.

The point of the technology is two-fold: to enhance the safety and security of students using technology to more accurately account for students over the day and secondly, to enable teachers to get back to teaching.

“We welcome the feedback of the entire school community in the trial schools: the learnings we gather in the trial phase will enhance the application of our proven technology in real life school settings”, said Ms Milne.

About LoopLearn

LoopLearn automates the student roll marking process in schools using computer vision technology. Marking the roll is an important process to ensure students are safe, and schools spend significant staff time completing this task every hour of the day. LoopLearn reduces the risks inherent in manual attendance recording, returns valuable time to school staff, provides greater accuracy on student attendance records and ultimately helps schools ensure students are safe.


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