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Great businesses provide work environments that their employees and visitors feel safe in and trust. LoopLearn helps businesses know who is on their premises, be confident that all people are authorised and safe to be there, and have an efficient system that alerts staff if a person is at risk.

LoopLearn has developed private, secure, and automated visitor and attendance management systems, whilst ensuring the privacy and security of individuals’ information.

One of LoopLearn’s systems - LoopKiosk – makes the clock on and sign in and sign out process simpler, quicker, and more efficient for all employees and visitors.

LoopKiosk ensures an accurate record of everyone onsite in real time, with easy to view logs and evacuation lists in the LoopLearn Web Console in case of emergency. Manage different requirements and induction checklists easily to ensure that all contractors and different types of visitors on site are authorised to be there.

LoopLearn can be integrated with a range of systems, for ease of use in your organisation, such as staff payroll systems to ensure accuracy of timesheets.

Through LoopKiosk, what used to be done manually is now automated – ensuring accuracy, a smooth sign in/sign out process, and making visitor management faster and simpler.


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