looplearn for education providers

LoopLearn supports schools and childcare centres to provide safe premises for their students, and improves their ability to deliver their legal requirements of attendance taking and visitor management.

LoopLearn’s purpose-built technology is capable of integration with existing student and childcare information systems and staff payroll systems, to make a seamless addition to improving an organisations to ensure every child is properly accounted for, and their attendance accurately recorded, throughout the day.

One of LoopLearn’s systems – LoopKiosk – allows students, staff, contractors and visitors to quickly and easily sign themselves and/or their child in and out of a school campus, and specific locations on campus, and childcare centres.

LoopKiosks can be used in school reception areas, so students can sign in if they arrive outside regular class time, or sign out if they need to leave school grounds early; school staff can clock on and off for their work hours; and visitors can complete required sign in procedures with added ease and security.

LoopKiosk helps to ensure children’s safety by automatically sending alerts if the system registers an unknown face on the premises, or someone who is not authorised to collect a child, so that appropriate steps can be taken.

LoopLearn is also currently trialling LoopSensor, which automatically logs student attendance on campus. Currently, teachers record attendance manually – through LoopSensor, roll call is automated. LoopSensor also alerts staff if a student is unexpectedly absent from the premises, or an unauthorised person is on campus, so teachers and attendance officers can take necessary steps to ensure students are safe.

LoopLearn is making it simpler, quicker, and more efficient for schools and childcare providers to ensure the health and safety of those in their care.


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