Media Statement 3rd November 2019

“LoopLearn is an educational technology company that has developed a system to automate student attendance management in schools.

“LoopLearn is not a surveillance system. Under the law, schools are required to accurately record student attendance at regular intervals throughout the school day - LoopLearn simply automates this manual roll call process, improving accuracy and saving time for schools.

“We take the privacy and security of individuals very seriously. LoopLearn is fully compliant with Australian privacy requirements, and meets high data and information security standards.

“Data is de-identified and fully encrypted, and stored on secure servers based in Australia. Data is privately owned by each school, and is not shared with or accessible by any third party, including government bodies. Any image that may be captured is for the specific purpose of enabling schools to record attendance, and is deleted once the roll call is complete.

“LoopLearn has been built specifically and only for schools to automate the class roll call. It has no purpose or ability to be used outside of student attendance management at school.”


LoopLearn values privacy, visit our privacy policy to learn more

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