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Automated Attendance Management

Education and childcare facilities do everything they can to make sure students are safe, it is their duty of care. A key safety factor is knowing exactly who is on campus at any given time. From knowing which students are in their care and accounting for students who are unexpectedly absent, through to ensuring that each visitor and carer on campus is authorised to be there, managing the coming and goings of people is critical to creating safe and nurturing learning environments.

Schools have to record student attendance multiple times a day to ensure all students are safe, in some instances it is required in every lesson. Childcare providers require parents to provide a digital signature every time they drop off and pick up their children. Completing these checks manually can take time, they can be inaccurate, and they aren’t keeping pace with modern approaches to learning environments.

Introducing Looplearn – innovative technology that automates attendance management for students, parents and visitors.



Dedicated to education

LoopLearn was founded by a team who are passionate about building technology that supports educators and assists students to truly excel. With more than 25 years of experience working with schools globally, we have first-hand knowledge of the administrative burdens that hinder education institutions of all levels.

We’ve assembled a superstar team that share the founders passion and we are building cutting edge tech solutions designed specifically for schools to support students.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers. Understanding todays biggest impact problems so we can support educators is critical in our mission. We collaborate directly with school leaders to ensure we build products that continue to improve aspects of education in the schools of today and into the future.


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